Thank you for your interest in the Speedy Stop Business Fleet card program! We’re here to help keep your fleet on the road while controlling the cost of fuel. Our program is a debit program that was developed specifically for our business customers. We can offer your company discounted fuel purchases and easy online access to track every dollar spent on your fleet cards.

Your business will have the ability to allow employees to buy fuel without worrying about unauthorized purchases. Our fleet cards are only accepted at our participating Speedy Stop locations, and your company will have the ability to limit certain fuel types, limit the time of day purchases can occur, and limit how much can be purchased on a daily basis.  You will be able to manage your drivers, vehicles, PINs, and cards in real time from your computer. You will have the ability to disable any card at any time if the need arises. Our fleet program partners with the Intevacon network to securely store all of your fuel and transaction history online.

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