Fuel Up with +PAY! Enjoy contactless payment at the pump, secure checkout, and savings on fuel! Yes, you heard me right: Just for registering, you save 10 cents per Gallon on Fuel every day when you use +PAY. Simply link your bank account to use as your secure method of payment in the Speedy Stop Rewards app. Security is our priority!


What is +PAY and what is the benefit?

+PAY is an upgrade to our Speedy Stop Rewards Loyalty Program that lets you pay with your Rewards/+PAY account.

Simply link your checking account in the +PAY section in the Speedy Stop App and enable debit transactions.

With +PAY, you’ll receive an instant price rollback at the pump. There are no enrollment fees or finance charges. Additionally, your participation will not impact your credit rating.

How do I get a +PAY Account?

You can sign up by downloading our free app here then completing registration online. 

How do I use +PAY?

Use it the same way you use any other debit card at the pump or on in store purchases by paying with your Speedy Stop Rewards app.

In the app, select “Fuel Up/+PAY” and follow the prompts. 

How do I receive my 10 cents off?

Swipe your card and enter your PIN or select “Mobile Pay” in the app and follow the prompts. Then, watch the price instantly rollback 10 cents!

How long does it take for the payment card account to become active?

Your account will either be activated immediately, or you’ll be sent an email with additional instructions to complete your enrollment. If you are not activated immediately, the information that you provided will undergo a bank validation process. This process could take up to (3)

business days after the enrollment date. You are responsible for completing the bank verification step to activate the payment function. This step requires you to confirm two small test transactions that we post to your account for verification purposes.

If additional information is needed, you will be notified through subsequent email messaging.

Is there an enrollment fee or does it cost me anything?

Currently, there is not an enrollment fee and we do not charge a fee to the consumer for the use of a Speedy Stop Rewards account, or your +PAY account.

We do, however, charge a Return Fee if your bank returns a transaction unpaid. For this reason, we recommend that you have Overdraft Protection on the account used for your Speedy Stop +PAY card transactions to potentially avoid additional return fees. 

Is my information secure?

The security of your data is very important to our business. We do not resell or disclose any information to a third party. Your enrollment data is kept safe in our secured database servers. If you have enrolled in the +PAY program, the data you have provided is required to enable us to verify and link your information to your bank account so we are able to perform ACH debit transactions. All bank information and PINs are encrypted as soon as your

enrollment is submitted.

Is there a limit when using the +PAY program?

Yes. There is a $100 per transaction limit, a $150 daily limit and a $500 weekly limit. 

Can I use +PAY at any Speedy Stop?

+PAY is available at most of our Speedy Stop Rewards locations!
It is not currently available at our SS #18 (College Street in Beaumont), SS#32 (I-10 in Vidor), SS#111 (Bay City) or SS#119 (Spring). 

I enrolled in +PAY, then saw a small deposit and withdrawal in my bank account, what is this?

We validate your enrolled bank account information to ensure that we have the correct account number, the account is open, and most importantly that the account belongs to YOU. We do so by submitting a deposit and withdrawal to your bank account. These

“challenge” transactions are a test to confirm the validity of the account. The enrolled payment card account is not activated until this bank verification process is completed. You must confirm these two amounts once they appear in your account. A “verification” email will be sent to you, upon enrollment, which explains this activation process.

Why do you require the last four digits of my social security number for +PAY enrollment?

When you enroll in +PAY, the last four digits of the social security number are used for identity verification purposes (in addition to the other information you provided during enrollment), as an account security question and to protect you against fraud. The security of your data is very important to our business. Except for providing pertinent information to the participating merchant, we do not resell or disclose any information to a third party. Your enrollment data is kept safe in our secured database servers. This information is encrypted as soon as your enrollment is submitted.

Why do you need my driver’s license information to enroll in +PAY?

It is important to recognize that you are issuing an electronic check when you use +PAY for payment. This is no different than writing a check at the supermarket and being asked to show your driver's license as an ID. 

No information will be taken from the magnetic stripe on your driver license and the driver's license will be used only to verify youridentity as a participant in the program.

Why do you need my birthday?

Because we’d like to celebrate it with you!
Please see our Privacy Policy for other uses.
Is the user ID/PIN with the +PAY the same as my current bank account cards PIN?

No. The User ID/PIN that you select can be any 4-digit number and does not have to be the same account as the current PIN that you use with your ATM or web ID to your bank account. It is important to remember your PIN to use this method of payment.

How do I change my PIN/ID?

You may change your PIN by logging into the member website or the member link provided on your merchant’s website. Once you log in, you will need to click on your card/mobile number, then select the “Update My PIN” option.